2017 Party Buses Taking USA by Storm

Without any doubt, USA is one of those amazing places that anyone would love visit once in a lifetime. This place has some of the wonderful places to explore along with those arresting views and appealing cities. The place has a lot to give it to the people and one of which is those outstanding party buses.

what is a party bus

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a traditional bus converted into a limousine! Yes, they give you an opportunity to travel and party at the same time. Be it your birthday, wedding, or any other occasions, they are always ready to pick you up and drop at your desired location.¬† Pump up the party, as you hire us and get a chance to enjoy a ride while partying inside. You can choose different types of party buses keeping in mind your needs. “There are shuttle buses, motor coaches, and charter buses that will take you to your destination in no time,” said the owners at Party Buses Houston, a top rated party bus rental company.

When you wish to impress them all, hire a luxury party bus and be ready to enjoy those luxurious amenities fit inside the car. Some other options include Hummer limos, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler 300, Ford Excursion, and Lexus too. So, go ahead and choose your favorite one today!

Why You Should Rent Out A Party Bus?

One of the main reasons you should rent it from us is that we are a reliable and trusted company that believes in delivering nothing but the best to our patrons. We assure to pick up and drop you safely besides providing all the amenities for pumping up your parties. Party bus rental are much more fun than a traditional charter bus.

Special Occasions

  • The Time When You Will Need a Wedding Bus
    When Transporting The Wedding Stuff  РThere are times during wedding, when moving stuff is tough. At that time, hire our wedding bus and forget all the worries.
  • Prom and Dance Parties
    Traveling with your pals in packs to the prom party? Hire a Limo and be ready to impress them all at the bash!
  • Birthday Bash
    Astonish the birthday boy and girl, as you rent out our cool party bus for them.
  • Spinster and Bachelorette Parties
    Hire a top-notch Limo and be ready to enjoy those lovely moments with your friends.
  • Airport Transportation
    Either leaving the country or receiving someone, hire a Limo and be ready to surprise them with a lavish Limo.

Party Bus Prices

It completely depends on the vehicle that you choose! We count the number of passengers; distance traveled and total time, when charging the rent from you.

Why May Choose a Charter Bus Rental

Many travelers who come into the US to explore the scenery tend to be put off by the cost of plane tickets within the country. Then there is the issue of not having a fuller experience as with when you travel by bus or a train.

One of the ways of enjoying your holidays in America is to cut down on your transportation costs by traveling by bus. Believe it or not, even Americans have embraced bus travels, especially for short trips. Some of the best options for travel include charter buses and party bus rentals. Check out these rentals available at Party Bus Milwaukee: http://www.partybusmilwaukee.net/

It doesn’t make much sense to spend 2 to 3 hours moving to and waiting at the airport for your flight to take off when you could have as well spent that amount of time on a bus heading to your destination.

Comfort and Cost Effectiveness

Many people choose buses over another mode of transportation for the cost effectiveness.
Taking the bus is cheaper than driving, taking the train or going by air. You can easily save up cash that could have been spent on gas for your car. Also, bus tickets are about 70% cheaper than planes and 40% cheaper than taking the train. This could ramp up pretty quickly if you decide to visit different cities in America during your stay.

With buses, you also don’t have to worry about getting to the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure, you can arrive 20 minutes before your bus takes off, have the ticket checked and you’re ready for departure. No long queue for security checks or excess luggage control that is synonymous with airplanes.

The Experience

When you travel to a new location, you want to get there in one piece but you also want to enjoy the experience. The journey is as important as the destination. With bus travels, you can see mountains, city lights, breath-taking lakes, funny highway signs. Some buses pass by hidden gems that showcase the American spirit. These gems would have remained invisible to you if you had gone via a plane or a train.


With more people in the world being aware of the damage to the ozone layer, many passengers are resulting to bus travels because it is more eco-friendly. Buses generally use 60% less energy than a plane or a train. A regular bus can also replace at least 20 cars. We can have a reduction in carbon emissions by 200 pounds in only 10 people switch to using buses as against cars, according to a report by the American Public Transportation Association