5 Helpful Advice On Blown Off Shingles Caused By Hailstorm

If the turbulent weather like hail damages the shingles or they have blown off, it can be troublesome to homeowners. After the hail storm, even how mild it can be there is still damage it cause to your roofing that you may not notice if you are standing on the ground. If you had taken a picture before the hailstorm, it would be easier to identify the damage the hailstorm had brought into your roofing. Install the ladder and check it out, those dimples, granules from asphalt and blown shingles can be noticed visibly.

hail damage roof

Here is some advice if you’ve found out that your shingles had been blown off or get damaged by the hailstorm:

1. If you are paying for an insurance in your home, then it is time to call the insurance company. The damage from hail and wind such as blown off of the shingles of your roofs are covered by insurance company.

2. If the insurance company reimburse you or made a deduction in the damage, then it is time to choose between a repair or a total replacement of the roofing for your home. Some blown off on shingles may be repaired individually, depending on how the roofers you will get shall do this job it is important that you will request that all damage must be properly and thoroughly inspection such as replacement of nails that were affected or those in the surrounding of the shingles. The careful replacement of the shingles may take longer time but for as long as it guarantees long-term effect for your roofing, its worth it.

Other times, it would be wiser to get a whole replacement of the roof and shingles especially if the damage is severe. But what if the insurance company won’t do what is right and deny to give a replacement on your roof. Your insurance company does not have any right to deny this since you had paid for it. If in case your insurance policy will deny giving you a reimbursement for the total replacement of your roofing, you can seek a lawyer’s help.

3. Assuming that you are successful in getting a claim with your insurance company, so the next thing to do is to find a roofer that can replace the roof of your home. If you’re in Texas or Pennsylvania turn to the professional roofers at Gotcha Covered Contracting. The roofer that you had already contacted when you do a roof inspection for hail damage can be asked to do the job on replacement or total repair of your roof.

4. Before jumping into any decision, ask first the estimated amount it will cost you when the job is done. This way it will prevent or avoid any disagreement or possible unfinished work due to insufficient budget.

5. Replacement and repair of shingles and roofing are guaranteed in quality and durability if it is well-inspected. Have it repaint to preserve and maintain the value of your house as well as the beauty of your home.

There are times that you have not considered yet replacing your roof, but because of the hail damage on your roof, you are inclined to get replacement otherwise, your roof will leak in the inside, and this is not convenient for anyone who is living in the house.

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